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Integrity Investigations helped when cohabitation information was needed for an unfortunately messy divorce. Very helpful and professional.

Gina Marie N.

I have used Integrity Investigations several times. I found them to be professional, thorough, and reasonably priced. I dealt with the owner who was always very courteous and willing to help in any way. I was very satisfied with my experience with this company and would not hesitate to use them again.

Linda J.

Integrity Investigations provides us with all our personnel background checks. The staff is efficient, professional, and helpful and accommodates our requests in a timely manner. We feel very confident in the results they provide us.

Tammi P.

I was desperate to find both my daughter and granddaughter - who had just fled to North Carolina from her home state Texas. Went online to find an investigator, came across Integrity Investigations Inc. I was speculate about hiring them since it was my first time hiring an investigator but since I was desperate I went ahead and called them. They immediately took my case and gave the answers I needed. They did an incredible job, providing me with information about my daughter within two days. They answered to my phone calls and text messages immediately regardless of the time of day. Their prices are reasonable as well. I would most definitely recommend them and I myself will hire them again if needed. Thank You Integrity Investigation Inc for solving my case. DL

Tila L.

I hired Integrity Investigations when my daughter didn't return home when expected. They found a black bag with her clothes and cell phone. Someone used her cell phone to call her aunt.
Then her aunt called me. You can't imagine the pain of not knowing where she was!! And only pieces of information known. I shared all this with Garland Slate P.I. He immediately took the case and within 2 days she was found!! God bless him!! He's the only one I would call in any situation that needs a great P.I. Thank you again!!


I used Integrity Investigations to help me obtain evidence of my ex-wife's affair. They were great from the start! Their investigators have a great deal of experience in surveillance and related fields, and they know how to obtain the information you need. They kept me informed throughout the process and gave me all the photos, video and a written report of everything they did and observed, all of which proved immensely valuable in subsequent civil legal proceedings. If you want experienced, competent professionals, I highly recommend Integrity Investigations.

David W.

We hired Integrity Investigations in order to locate and serve our daughter-in-law in a divorce and custody proceeding that had been filed in Texas, as she had fled to North Carolina with our grandson, without notifying his father. We had never engaged an investigator before, but after speaking with Garland we were more at ease and knew that we would be kept up-to-date on how they were doing. In less than 24 hours of receiving the service documents, Garland and his team were able to locate her and our grandson, verify identification and perfect service, allowing the divorce and custody case to move forward as scheduled. Although we hope to not need their services again, we would reach out to hire Garland and his team as well as highly recommend them to anyone needing their services. Very professional and well worth our financial investment.

Nikkie R.

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